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Buy Moleskine

I bought a standard moleskine unruled notebook maybe 2 years ago for drawing and the paper in that is so beautiful. Its nice and thick, the paper used for the flyleafs is used throughout. Its even thick enough to paint on both sides of without impacting quality of either painting.

buy moleskine

I bought my first moleskines 8 years ago, before I could find them in north America. (I bought my first on a Euro trip). When Chapters where I live in Canada started carrying them I got worried. When they got popular, and then started selling/pushing their overpriced soft-covers I thought that was a huge/bad sign that they were going to rely on new fame to push lower products. I started watching hard-covered goods like a hawk. First the hard cover backing/binding seemed a bit cheaper, now the latest version I checked I saw those horrible corners you mention from a mile away! A glance at the side, with out even looking, I could see the paper quality, had gone down as low as it could go. Yet price is the same, there pulling a Starbucks I guess. When you lower your quality, your price should lower at least, like MacDonald. lol

I use moleskine 914 notebooks one for shopping lists one for general aids to my memory writing with a 1.1 mm italic nib and have no problems what so ever. No bleed through, no feathering and minimal ghosting and this is their cheapest notebook.Perhaps the criticism needs to be looked at again. 041b061a72


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