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Rotate, Merge, and Score with Dice Merge APK for Android

Dice Merge Early Access APK: A Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game

If you are looking for a casual game that challenges your brain and strategy skills, you should check out Dice Merge Early Access APK. This is a puzzle game that lets you merge dice to score points and clear the board. It has minimalistic graphics, intuitive gameplay, and various levels and modes to keep you entertained. In this article, we will tell you more about this game, how to play it, why you should download it, and how to get it on your Android device.

What is Dice Merge Early Access APK?

A casual game that challenges your brain and strategy skills

Dice Merge Early Access APK is a game developed by Staple Games, a studio that specializes in creating simple yet addictively fun games. The game is currently in early access, which means that it is still being improved and updated with new features and content. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store, but you can also download the APK file from the official website if you want to try it before anyone else.

dice merge early access apk

How to play Dice Merge Early Access APK?

Rotate, drag and drop dice to merge them and score points

The gameplay of Dice Merge Early Access APK is very easy to learn but hard to master. You have a board with empty slots where you can place dice. You can rotate the dice before dragging and dropping them onto the board. The goal is to merge dice with the same number or color to create higher numbers and clear space. For example, if you merge two dice with the number 1, you will get a die with the number 2. If you merge two dice with the same color, you will get a die with a star. The more dice you merge, the more points you score.

Use boosters and power-ups to enhance your gameplay

As you play Dice Merge Early Access APK, you can earn different boosters and power-ups that will help you merge more dice and increase your score. For example, you can use a hammer to smash a die, a bomb to explode a group of dice, or a magnet to attract dice of the same color. You can also use coins to buy more boosters or unlock new ones.

Unlock new themes and dice designs as you progress

Dice Merge Early Access APK also offers you various themes and dice designs that you can unlock as you progress in the game. You can choose from different backgrounds, such as wood, metal, or neon, and different dice colors, such as red, blue, or green. You can also customize your dice with different patterns, such as dots, stripes, or stars. You can mix and match different themes and dice designs to create your own style.

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