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Georgia, a teenager, lives with her mother, father, three-year-old sister Libby, and her wild cat, Angus, whom the family found on a holiday to Scotland. Georgia bumps into the popular and attractive Robbie (the "Sex-God"), while helping her best friend, Jas, subtly stalk his brother at the grocery store where he works. The problem is that he is older and has a girlfriend, Lindsay, an older girl who wears a thong and bra padding and secretly claims to be engaged to him. Robbie eventually dumps Lindsay, but tells Georgia that he should not date her because she is too young. In an effort to appear more mature, Georgia tries to bleach a strip of her hair blonde, but it comes off in her hand. Fortunately for her, Robbie is attracted to her and finds her eccentricity amusing and endearing and suggests taking it slow. However, Georgia's mum comes in at the very end and announces that they have tickets to go to New Zealand for the summer to visit her father, who has gone there searching for work, putting a damper on Georgia's new summer romance.

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Now, if you want to enjoy some added privileges, then you should register. The registration is free and straightforward, and as a registered member, you get to do all the usual shit. For example, you can like and dislike whatever the fuck you want, and you can also comment. You will see that the community on r/thongs/ actually loves to comment, and you can chat with them through the comments.

So, the rules of posting on r/thongs/ are listed on the side of, and that is where you can find all the rules usually. If you see a subreddit without any rules, that just means that the rules of posting are very fucking obvious, so there is really no need to actually mention them. In this case, they really went ham with what is allowed and what is not when it comes to r/thongs/.

Other than that, you have some information on the side of as well. For example, you can see what that particular subreddit is all about. The same applies to r/thongs/ obviously, although I am sure this subreddit does not need that much explanation. You will also see that the subreddit was made in 2009 and that it has over 118k members with usually regular updates.

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