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Say Say Say By Paul McCartney And Michael Jackson ((TOP))

On 6 October 2015, McCartney released a new version of the song in which the vocal roles of him and Jackson are reversed. It was remixed by Steve Orchard and Mark "Spike" Stent. On the new version, which is over three minutes longer than the original, the opening of the first is sung by Jackson instead of McCartney. Orchard said of the remix: "Paul remembered that there were two unused lead vocal performances by Michael and himself. We rearranged the vocal sequence and inverted the original performance so that Michael opened the first verse instead of Paul, to give the song a different take to the original version."[33] More specifically, Jackson sings the parts that McCartney had in the original, and vice versa, for much of the song.[34]The track appears on the 2015 re-issue of Pipes of Peace.[35] A radio edit of the new remix was released for streaming on 30 October 2015,[36] while an instrumental version of it is available for download at[37] The radio edit was also later included on the anthology Pure McCartney.

Say Say Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson


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