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Hi Karthik - Unfortunately, it's impossible to name just one method for getting rid of bed bugs. They are insidious little insects that require using a multi-approach system (integrated pest management, or IPM) to rid your home of the pests. I'm glad to hear you have had some success with foggers/bombs, but I don't normally recommend them as they tend to be ineffective. Foggers are not able to penetrate deep into the cracks, crevices and other areas where the bed bugs hide. Sometimes, the active ingredient in the fogger can cause a 'splintering' of the bed bug colony, which leads to even more headaches for the homeowner. If you choose to use foggers for a bed bug infestation, it's important to make sure that bed bugs are listed/shown on the label. Over the years, bed bugs have built up resistance to pyrethroids. So, making sure the product used has an alternative active ingredient (such as imidacloprid) is important as well. If someone is trying to treat an infestation on their own without the help of a professional pest control company, I have a list of informational sources that I encourage them to read prior to treating the infestation. I am happy to share the resources with you if you are interested. It's a wealth of information, so it would be overwhelming to list it all here. If you'd like more information, you are most welcome to contact the office directly.Thank you for sharing your success regarding foggers. I was glad to hear that they have worked for you! -- Carol

Home Designer Professional 2020 Crack With Activation Key Free Download 2019


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