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Darksiders Genesis Online

Darksiders: Genesis lets you switch between Strife and War freely in single-player. But what if you want to play as both horsemen at the same time? Darksiders: Genesis has a co-op multiplayer mode that lets you play with your friends both online and offline. Genesis is one of the very few PC games to feature local split-screen co-op. Unfortunately, local split-screen co-op can only be played if you have two controllers connected to your computer.

Darksiders Genesis Online

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The most straightforward way to jump into Darksiders: Genesis co-op is through online play. A player and their friend should both buy the game and then sync up online together. After joining up, the group can then carve their way through the story by traveling through maps, piecing together puzzles, and besting demons in combat.

Make sure you are off your mount and hit the button it asks for to open up the menu. You can then pick Splitscreen Co-op and your friend can hit a button on the other controller to join the game. You can also invite an online friend from this menu.

You can play locally with a friend on a split-screen, you can play online with a friend if you both have Darksiders, and you can play in Remote Play Together on Steam Online if one of you has a copy and the other one doesn't! The last option is great because only one of you needs to own the game and you can still play co-op like you were playing together on a couch.

Airship Syndicate has an interesting slate of games under its belt, and they're all pretty dang good. Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Darksiders Genesis, and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story were all warmly received. Now, the studio is back with an original IP, this time delving into the world of free-to-play. Wayfinder is its name, and it's an online action RPG.

Dopo il debutto su PC, finalmente Darksiders Genesis è disponibile anche su PS4, Xbox One e Switch. In questa mini-guida vi spieghiamo come giocare in cooperativa in locale, splitscreen e online su tutte le piattaforme.

La modalità co-op di Darksiders Genesis è senz'altro uno dei punti di forza di questo spin-off di Darksiders ispirato a Diablo. Gli utenti possono giocare in cooperativa sia in locale (usufruendo dello splitscreen) che online, su tutte le piattaforme in cui il titolo è disponibile. Vediamo come fare.

Per giocare alla co-op online di Darksiders Genesis su console è necessario un abbonamento attivo al rispettivo servizio di gioco in rete. Questo significa che su PS4 dovrete avere un abbonamento PS Plus, su Xbox One un abbonamento a Xbox Live Gold e su Nintendo Switch un abbonamento a Nintendo Switch Online. Su PC, invece, non è necessario nessun tipo di sottoscrizione.

Cosa bisogna fare per giocare in modalità co-op online? Semplice: quando avviate una partita di Darksiders Genesis, e dovete scegliere tra l'opzione "privato" e "online", selezionate "online". Dopodiché, in partita, mettete il gioco in pausa e selezionate l'opzione della co-op online. In questo verrete abbinati a un altro giocatore online tramite il matchmaking. 041b061a72

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